March 06, 2017


Some of you are dedicating your life too much for the company you are working. You are giving up everything for that company... your health, your time, your family, your happiness and your freedom.

It's sad because you don't know what is really going on. The company is just using you, they are getting their own dreams, they are getting bigger but how about you? Did you get rich or stressed? did you get your promotion or depletion? did you earn a lot of money or did you just experience a lot of adversity?

I am nothing against companies, the point here is you are so much serious serving your company but the company will just kick you out when you can't serve them anymore. It's the sad reality. Some people were so loyal to their company, they were so scared that they might lose their job if they didn't give their life. Some people cannot even celebrate Christmas with their family because the company forces them to work during holidays. How about the owners and the bosses? they were simply enjoying their vacation doing nothing while getting richer. They were drinking wines an eating some of the finest meats in town. How about you? you're just enduring your work and hope that tomorrow you will be promoted.

Love your work but don't love your company too much. You know your rights, if you're tired then stop working. If you want to celebrate your son's birthday then don't go to work, as simple as that. You have to enjoy your life because it is yours. If your company is giving you too much work load and it is not healthy to your life anymore then pack your bags and look for another work. It is better if you will find a way on how to earn money on your own. It is better to be your own boss even if you're not earning big money yet rather than being abused by the company and having no freedom at all.

Claim your life, the companies doesn't own you.

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