March 02, 2017


If you give attention to what is not happening to you... you will have a hot head, you will be mad, you will feel that there is scarcity going on with your life.

A lot of people were so focused on what they don't want that is why they keep getting it. What you always think will be attracted to you, as simple as that. You have to learn to let go of the things that are only making you feel bad.

If success is not happening to you.. don't focus on it, instead focus on what is moving or what you can control. Focus on what is happening like... you are giving your best to become successful, you are making little progress, you are getting better everyday, you are more happier if you are taking actions. Those are movements, those are were energies are flowing. It is better to focus on what is happening because you will be entertained with those things and you will feel better. And once you feel good... success will come to you faster.

Another example is a long line in grocery store. A lot of people were so focused on the line that is not moving. They were irritated, they can't control their emotions. And that makes their day destroyed. If you will just focus on what is happening like the cashier doing her job and making computations and bagging the grocery items then you will be entertained, your madness will turn into calmness because you are seeing things that are happening. You care seeing movement and you know that in a matter of time you will also be able to pay your groceries and go home.

Always give attention to what is happening so you will forget what is not happening, so you will forget what is lacking in your life.

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