March 07, 2017


You are so much giving attention to battles which didn't even matter. Battles that can be ignored so that you can have an easier and merrier life. These are the judgemental minds of people around you, critics, backstabbings, fake advises, negative news, random thoughts that doesn't make sense etc.

If you can ignore it then you can kill the emotions that it brings. If you can ignore your annoying co-workers that only does is make gossips then you're already a winner. You can work effectively without think about the issues, you can focus more on your work and not think about any other things that are irrelevant to your work, you already won because you're effective and you have a peace of mind.

If you can ignore your financial problems then you already won again. You will just focus on your work and pay your debts one by one. You will not feel bad and pressured. You will work your way on top again and simply enjoy the process of getting back on the right track. Sometimes focus is not the key, sometimes it is ignoring. You were so focused on your problems and negative feelings that is why you can't think clearly. Just ignore all of the things that will not help you, focus on the right ones and see how your life will change.

If you have a slight fever... just ignore it. Feeling sad about it will only make the fever worse. Stop making dramas and go back to work. You will not feel it if you are busy doing your job and just taking it one step at a time. You're not dying so what is the big deal? it is just a bad feeling and that's it. Some people are even having fun while they have a fever.

If you can ignore your enemy then you already won. He will try hard to annoy you but he will be the one who will get annoyed because he can't see that you are getting affected. Ignoring is power, it will make your condition better.

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