March 20, 2017


If you are repeating something for a very long time... you will feel very comfortable doing it, you will master it and you will feel effortless while doing it. You can even do it blind folded, you can finish it without suffering a lot. And when you reach that level of comfort, it only means you need to level up, it means you need to find another path that will give you a different challenge. Because if you will not look for opportunities to level up.... you will live a miserable life, you will feel stuck and not progressing. You will feel unaccomplished and broke, you will feel that there is something missing in your life.

That is why employees that are working for a specific company for more than 10 years and hasn't been promoted are planning to resign or they are always asking for a promotion, they don't feel satisfied, they want more because they were too comfortable with their situation, they want a new challenge, they want growth.

It is either you are growing or you are dying. there is no such thing as staying. So if you already memorized what you are doing everyday, if you already can do something with your eyes close... it means you need to find another room for growth, it means you need to evolve and do something new. Because if you will remain comfortable in your position, you will soon go down because you don't like what is happening to your life. Frustration will start to sink in and you will become mad at yourself because you're not progressing.

So if you find yourself comfortable and not feeling a little bit pain anymore it means you need to challenge yourself and do something that will make uncomfortable, because the challenge can only be seen in uncomfortable situations, strength will be developed through resistance. You will only level up if you will beat all the obstacles that you see on your way and do something that is more challenging. And after beating those obstacles and conquering the new challenge... you will feel very happy and accomplished, you will feel that you already reach another level.

Look at those retired people... they become weaker and weaker because they are not doing anything with their lives anymore, they feel like dying because comfort has made them soft. So if you don't want to feel weak and deteriorating... you must make yourself a little bit uncomfortable and look for something that will make you better.

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