March 31, 2017


Sometimes not moving is already making a progress. A lot of you folks thinks that in order to have progress, you need to take actions. There are some instances where you can create progress even if you're not doing anything.

1. NOT EATING. Don't eat if you want to cut your weight. Don't eat unhealthy foods if you want to have a great body, that's it. Your're thinking a lot on how to be in shape, you're buying a lot of products that doesn't even help you. Don't eat unhealthy foods for a long time and see what will happen.

2. NOT SPENDING WHAT YOU SAVE IN THE BANK. You want to grow your money huh? then don't spend what you saved in the bank, as simple as that. It will become big, not as big as what you are expecting but the point here is it is still growing. It is better than to put it on risky business that has no assurance that your money will grow. Your financial status will have a progress if you keep saving money in the bank and not spending it. Very simple right? no need for fancy actions.

3. RESTING IF YOU ARE OVERWORK. You will still make progress if you are resting, granted that you really work hard and you deserve some rest. Don't do anything if you already overworked, it will give progress to your health, it will give progress to the healing of your brain and body cells. It is already a part of your progress because once you got the rest that you needed, you will be able to work harder than yesterday, you can do more things and accomplish a lot of tasks.

4. NOT ARGUING WITH CLIENTS OR ANYONE. Sometimes a problem can be solved by just simply not arguing with anyone. The more you fight with somebody, the more you derail the progress. Don't talk if you don't have anything good to say, being silent will create progress because it means peace, it means you're ready to move on.

5. NOT THINKING NEGATIVE. Very simple, just don't think negative and you're already progressing. Negative thoughts is the number one cause of stagnancy, doubts and fears. Don't think negatively and you will be able to think for solutions that will give you a progress.

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