March 03, 2017


Look for progression and not for correction.

There is no more time to correct your work, there is no more time to correct the past. What you need to do is make a progress now and move forward until you reach your desired place. You're focus so much on your mistakes, you don't have confidence in your work and you want somebody's approval before you believe in your work.

Just put it out there. Anything that you do, just put it out, expose it, pass it, believe in it. Never focus on your flaws or shortcomings. Never give attention to what is missing in your skills. You have the right skills to win, all you need is confidence and fighting spirit .

Some people are even doing some crappy and useless materials but they are still succeeding. If you believe enough in your work and you know you work hard for it then don't double check it anymore.

There is no more time for corrections, doing another work is better than making your last work perfect. It is already done, don't change it anymore. Just focus on what is next and what is next and what is next. Don't look for the past, never anticipate any mistakes.

Because you can only move forward if you are focus on the next task and making actions to produce little results that will make your position better.

Stop hesitating and just keep moving forward, never think about making mistakes because every action is the right action. Everything that you are doing is awesome, it is perfect especially if you do it with confidence and passion. So there is no need for other people's approval. No need for teachers and gurus that will only confuse you. Just work relentlessly and claim the victory.

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