March 29, 2017


You gotta go and get it for yourself because no one will get it for you. Your dad can't get it for you, your mom can't get it for you. No super hero can get it for you. You are the one responsible for getting it, no miracle can happen if you will not get it.

Even the presidents or the sultans can't get it for you. They can open jobs but you can't have it unless you're going to get it .

A lot of people were getting soft nowadays, they want free things handed to them. They don't want to take actions anymore, they just want to get something without doing anything. The wanted to get rich without working hard, they want to become sexy without sweating a lot, they want to become popular without risking anything, basically they want everything for free.

If you think that what you want will come one day then you better wake up, you are just fooling yourself. Stop daydreaming and do the necessary thing. You can be the nicest person, you can be the most humble person but if you will not force yourself to get it then you will never get it, as simple as that.

No one will apply the job for you, no one will earn money for you, no one will cook the food for you. If you want it... go and get it, go and work for it. You're not a baby anymore who can always ask for milk anytime you want. You can't just cry and have something ready for you.

The competition in this world is very tough, there are lot of hard working people who will eat you alive if you are not competitive enough. They are getting what they want, how about you?

Making dramas doesn't work anymore, being a cry baby will only make your situation worse. You want something? go and get it as hard as you can.

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