March 10, 2017


I want to maintain this blog and keep it updated everyday for my several fans, they are not too many but they believe in me and my consistency so I did some amazing today, it is not super great but not too many people can do it.

My two friends visited me and we had a few drinks, I didn't pass because I also wanted to socialize a little bit and exchange stories with them, in other words I want to be entertained a little bit. I am just a human and I also need some fun so we drink some beers until we get a little tipsy. After that, I still push my self to run on a treadmill for an hour because I've been doing it everyday and I will break my 70th straight day of doing it if I will not force myself to do it. So to make the long story short, I still run even if I am a little bit dizzy and slow, I run and run until I finished. It feels bad while running but it really feels god after I've finished because my streak was saved.

I begin to believe again that you can't make excuses if you want something to happen. I prove it to myself again that no matter how you feel... you can still move if your desire to finish is there.

Destroy all your excuses and you will make results, always remember this line and your will be able to do something great in your life. People were so addicted to making excuses that is why they their lives remain the same and they can't produce something. Just do it even if you feel something wrong because you will feel really good once you defeat laziness and hesitation. Always remember that excuses will never bring you anywhere only action does.

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