March 14, 2017


Some of you already judged your own work even if nobody is judging it yet. If someone ask you about your work... you will show it and say "it's not that beautiful, I struggled doing it because I have lesser time" and thousands of excuses that you will say just to make yourself feel good and avoid being judged.

If you work for something, even if you know it is just a mediocre work... still be proud of it because you give time for it. Don't criticize it, if you can't be proud of it then at least don't say something bad about it. Because people will believe in you if you criticize your own work, even if it looks good in some ways, people will believe that it is ugly. And the truth is... some people will still like your work even though it is mediocre. So the best thing to do is feel good about it and be proud of it, if someone criticize it... just laugh and ignore that perfectionist wannabe.

Appreciating your own work will give you motivation and good feelings to do more work. If you will curse your own work and you will always belittle it then no one else will believe in you because you don't even believe in yourself. Your attitude towards your work will be the result of your work so the more you appreciate your work... the more you will produce great things.

And what if no one appreciates your work? are you also going to feel the same way like them? so appreciate your own work even if you're the only one who can appreciate it. One is always better than zero, it is better to have someone who can appreciate your work even if that someone is you.

And you can always improve, if your work is really ugly now... just keep working and producing contents everyday... someday a lot of people will notice how great you've become.

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