March 30, 2017


Struggle is still a process, you just call it a struggle because you are stuck and you are not enjoying what is happening in your life. Struggle is just a process that is a little bit harder than the normal process.

If you  are struggling, it means you are not enjoying. A lot of people were having the same situation as yours but they don't call it a struggle because they were hopeful and they were having fun in what they are doing. They love the process so they don't call it a struggle, instead the call it a journey.

There is no such thing as struggle, there is only a difficult path and maybe you experiencing it right now that is why you think you are struggling.

Learn to love the difficulty and you will be able to conquer any adversity. Never think that you are struggling, stop making dramas, stop thinking that it is difficult because you can always solve any problem if you are thinking right. You can find a way, you can find a solution if your mind is on the right place.

Struggle is just an excuse, it is an excuse used by losers and lazy people, they will make other people believe that they are struggling but the reality is they just don't want to take actions.

It is normal to face difficulty but you can conquer any of it. You can always rise up in the air and feel better again because you face your problems and you didn't run away like many people did.

If you are having a hard time, just simply keep moving forward and everything will become easy again. Everything will go back to normal again. And the truth is... you are not struggling, you are just panicking and thinking that you can't do it anymore.

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