March 05, 2017


If you wanna know someone's true colors... lend him some money when he really needs it. If he pays you without having to remind him then you can trust him but if he is pretending that he doesn't owe you anything...  be scared of that person. He is a cobra, a snake in the grass. Anyone can ask for an extension about the payment but if the extension is too much and the person with debt looks like enjoying his life... you know what is the meaning of it.

Some people are very humble when they don't have money but when they already become rich... they were arrogant and egoistic. The true color of a person is revealed when he is winning so when a person is arrogant when he is rich then that is his true colors.

A person is honest when he can admit that he doesn't have any money and don't feel bad about it. A liar is a person who will pretend that he have some money just to avoid being humiliated by someone.

If you want to have true friends, join people who doesn't want to borrow money. These people are friends to keep because they don't want other people to suffer. They will solve problems on their own because they knew from the start that they made mistake handling their own money. People who doesn't want to borrow money from others are dependent, reliable and will never force you to join their problems.

Another example... leave your wallet in the train station. People who will return it are honest, people who will stole it are robbers... as simple as that. Money will really reveal someone's true colors and characters so if you will befriend somebody... make sure he doesn't have any money problems. Be careful because there are lot of snake in the grass looking for green paper.

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