March 03, 2017


Don't be mad if someone called you mediocre. Don't be sad if you are really mediocre. Don't you know that mediocrity is the key to greatness? it is true, so be happy if you are mediocre because you have the chance to become great.

Mediocrity is the default. Nobody was born great, everyone has to start weak and then gradually becoming stronger.

You can become great if you will do your mediocre stuff over and over again. Don't get tired of it, love it and make it grow as much as you can. Repetition is the key, your mediocre skill will become great once you repeat it a million times. It is possible if you are committed and you don't get easily bored with repetition.

If you are constantly repeating your mediocre skill then there is no other way but to go up. You will level up in just a matter of time. You can't level down, you can't become weaker. You have no other way but to become better.

You will know your weakness and you will be able to correct your faults. You will discover more of yourself if you are willing to stay very long with the process.

Being mediocre is a blessing only if you will never stop and never change your original idea.

Just keep on practicing, just keep on working and they will never call you mediocre again. And so what if you are mediocre?, everyone starts being a mediocre. Even the greatest and most successful people on earth has once become a mediocre.

You can change if you are willing to change. Consistency is the way to mastery. Just show up everyday, never make excuses and destroy every doubt that you feel inside of your heart. It's time to start your journey, it's time to beat mediocrity.

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