March 01, 2017


There are marketing programs that you should avoid, some of them were really good in words and will convince you easily because their offers were so nice and it is easy for you to get mesmerized and try their products because they offering you a path of no resistance for making money.

1. Asking for payment. I you will join them and sell their products, you shouldn't be asked to pay for something. Never join any campaign that will take away your money. It is a lose - lose situation for you because you are never sure that you can sell their products plus your money was already taken away and you are never sure that it will come back.

2. Promising you fast success. Success should be 10-12 months if you are really working hard and it is the only thing that you are doing. You should be working for at least 12 hours a day for 10-12 months if you want to see results, granted that the product or program is legit. If they are promising you to earn a lot of money for just 1-2 months without having to work then stay away from that program because that is a pure scam

3. Too good to be true. Having a sports car in just 3 months is crazy, it takes years to become a millionaire. They will promise you that you can have a very nice car or house in three months? that was to good to be true. It only happen in sci fi movies so stay away from programs that is promising you ridiculous things.

4. Has no history of success. Investigate first and do a background checking if you are joining something. If a company has no history of success then stay from it because it is not proven and you never know what it is all about. You need facts and real evidences of success before joining something. Never look for their offers, look for their credentials.

5. Something newYou should only join a program that is running for so long, if a program or company is new but making very loud impressions... stay away from it because first of all it is not stable, secondly... you don't know how long will they last.

6. Not offering a really helpful products. The products should really be effective so more people will buy it, not just a product that was manufactured for the sake of earning money. Never join a program that's main purpose is to just get some money from other people. Join something that will really help people. If a company's objective is to make the lives of other people better... that is a legit company.

7. Registered. Know if a company is registered legally, if not... stay away from it because you will regret it in the end. They maybe hones but if they are not registered... you will not be able to refund your investment.

8. Has no office. Where will you ask or go if a problem occurs? You should know their base so you know where to go to if there is something wrong that happened. You will also know where to ask if you didn't understand some of their methods.