March 02, 2017


Making your own standards will make you see life and success in a different way. You will feel successful and happy in your own way.

Some people were already successful but they don't feel it yet because they are living with the standards of others. If you already accomplished something and you are totally happy with it then you're already successful.

For example, if you graduated in college with honors... it means you're already successful. But because some people will tell you to look for a job and become rich, you feel like your success has been erased. You feel like you go back to zero because you give them attention and you live by their standards. There are lot of people who didn't even finish studies but still feel successful because they are living by their own standards.

Your standard of success should be based on what is your idea of success. If it is about money then go ahead pursue money, if it is about making a great career then go ahead pursue it too. But you should keep in mind that you have to define your own success and you should not listen to what other people say. You should believe in your own success and be happy with what you've accomplished. If you can honestly say to yourself that you are happy and successful then there is nothing else to think about. You already did it, you're already successful, it is up to you what else you wanted to pursue.

Your standards of success and happiness is based on what level of joy and satisfaction you are experiencing. If you feel good about what you are doing and you keep on progressing then you're already successful. But if you are complaining about what is happening to your life and you are not happy with what is going on yet you can't do something about it then you're a one hundred percent failure.

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