March 14, 2017


Not all research you've seen on the internet are true. Some are just bogus, some are fraud, some will lead you to a wrong way that you will regret in the end.

The best way to find an answer is to make a research on your own and find if it is true. Because you can't just assume that the solution you found on the internet is true and will work. You have to make sure that it is tested, safe and can save anyone's ass. I'm not saying that everything on the internet are wrong, my point is you have to be careful and don't just trust and believe anything very fast. Be smart and make a research on your own to make sure that the information you found is real.

You have to test it carefully, test it for so long, test it as much as you can to see if it really works.

A lot of people easily believed something that is full of hype not knowing that it will only put them on a bad spot in the end. Don't easily believed something especially if you are doubtful. Double or triple check if needed. Make sure you are picking the right thing. Because things will only get worse if you will rely so much on hype and popularity.

Just because someone who is popular said that it works then it will really work, just because a lot of people were using it doesn't mean you also need to use it. You have to be analytical, critical and judgemental. There is nothing wrong in being careful, there is nothing wrong if you are very hard to convince. If you don't feel good about it then take time to test it. You don't need to rush, you need to be sure.

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