March 31, 2017


All you need to do is build your own ladder and keep climbing. What I mean is you need to find a way, you need to create your own path and keep moving forward.

If you will not build your own ladder, if you will not create your own means of being successful then somebody will give you a ladder that will not even reach half of your dreams. They will give you a short ladder that is not capable of giving you what you want.

Build your own ladder no matter how ugly your ladder looks, at least it is your own ladder and no one knows how high can it reach. You are the only one who knows how high can it reach. You build it so you can also extend it, extend to the point where you can reach the unreachable and go to the highest mountain.

Just keep climbing once your ladder was built. Never stop, take it one step at a time until you reach the top. It is just a matter of staying focused, committed and dedicated to what you are doing. Never look down because you will only get scared, never look back, never think of quitting and going down. Also, stop checking if you're already high or not. Just keep climbing to the top and forget how far you've come. You will only become arrogant once you know that you're already high, keep climbing until you can't climb anymore.

The only way to reach the top is to build your own ladder, you can't borrow someone's ladder, you can't steal someone's ladder because you don't know if their ladder was strong enough to hold you and push you to the top. Build your own ladder, build your own destiny, once step at a time... you can reach the top.

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