March 16, 2017


You are planning for another business, goal or journey but you haven't made your present project successful first. You want to become successful in another thing but you haven't been successful yet in your present thing. And that is the reason why you haven't been successful at anything. You want to jump to another ship if you think that your ship is sinking. You want to get away with your pending project that is not moving. The reason why it is not moving is because you are thinking about another thing, you are thinking about easier things that you think will make you successful.

Sorry but success doesn't work that way, you can't become successful in another thing if you will keep on leaving your present thing. You can't quit the present to become successful in the future. You have to stick to your goal no matter what and make it successful even if it takes forever to do it. Aren't you sick and tired of starting over and over again? aren't you ashamed of yourself because of quitting a lot?

Because if you can't make your present journey successful then how the hell can you make another journey successful? Don't fool yourself that you will give your best next time because you can't even give your best today. The habits of being successful is not yet in your system because you haven't been successful yet and that is the main reason why you will never be successful if you jump to another ship.

Just focus on what you've started and never look for different people that became successful, forget them and focus on your own journey. The reason why you want to jump ship is because you see some people succeeding and you want to emulate their success and copy what they are doing. You want to become successful too and you want it right away.

Your time will come, don't jump to another ship because your ship is sinking. You can make it move even if it is badly damaged. You can make your ship arrive at its desired destination if you have faith and confidence to finish what you've started.

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