March 29, 2017


People were so concerned about the beauty of their work, they were so concerned about what people thinks of their work that is why they cannot achieve their goal. They want to look cute and perfect, they want to smell good and look awesome.

I know someone who wants to earn money, so basically his goal is to earn some money and bring some food on his family's table. But this son of a bitch feels like he is a son of a king, he doesn't want to accept low paying jobs or blue collar jobs because he thinks that he is qualified for a higher position with higher pay. This guy is undergraduate and is lacking of experience. He is not looking at his goal instead he wants to look cute and decent infront of other people that is whey he can't have what he want.

If your goal is to score 20 points in one game, don't look at how beautiful your shots are, don't look at how graceful your moves are. Instead, just look at how are you going to score 20 points, look at your goal and not at the beauty of your work.

If your goal is to write 20 articles per day, never mind if your grammar is not perfect, just write 20 articles per day and that's it. Don't look if your work is perfect, always look at your goal so you can achieve it.

If your goal is to sell 5 cars per day, don't look at how beautiful your work is, don't look at having a smooth and easy path. Don't look at staying perfect and not getting rejected, just focus on making 5 sales per day no matter what technique or how ugly the process may be. It is what it is, you need to achieve that goal even if you experience a lot of difficulty.

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