March 31, 2017


Sometimes the reason why you can't get money or you are having a hard time to get money is because you can't smell it. You are pretending that it is there but from the very beginning you know that you will experience big problems getting it.

For example, you already knew that the company that hired you is a big mess and they have a history for not paying their employees on time yet you still work on that place. The result is.. they are not paying you on time so you are having a difficulty budgeting your money. You feel bad and you think that you don't deserve it but you still continue working on that company which is a bad decision. You should not work for them from the very start because you've heard some information that they are not paying on time, you didn't smell the money from them from the very beginning but you still continue working for them that is why you're in a bad spot now.

If you are negotiating with somebody about a specific business, you should learn how to smell if that guy has money. You should check his backgrounds, study his behavior and spending habits, study his words and body language. If you don't feel confident doing transaction with him then leave. If you can't smell the money from him then never do business with him because you will just regret it in the end.

If you want to have more money then you should smell where is the big money coming from. You should know what job pays well, what business has a chance of giving you more money or what company can pay you more. You can smell it from the very beginning if you are very patient in seeking and researching. You can find information, you can smell the money and get it, you just need to dig deeper and be patient more.

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