March 29, 2017


Look at the people who were lazy... they love the word "later", they love the word "tomorrow", they love the word "next time". They don't want to do it now, they believe that they can do it later and their later becomes later again and so on. The later never ends, the task was left hanging in the air, they will only do it when they sense danger or maybe they will decide not to do it anymore.

If you find yourself always using the word "later" then you're part of the bastards club who will never make it in life, you can use a lot of excuses to defend yourself but at the end of the day, the only question is... are you accomplishing something by using the word "later'?

Stop believing in later, stop using the word later because it will make you even lazier. A lazy work that is early is better than a lazy work that is late. You can become lazy doing your work, you can have a lousy work but you must do it right away, do it fast and never stop until you finish it. You will have the appetite for working once you do it right away because you will have a very good momentum.

You can cure your laziness by working right away, do the most important things in your life and never use the word later or tomorrow. Do it now while you can still do it, remove the habits of procrastinating because it will not do any good in your life.

Don't think about how are you going to do it instead just take actions and make a little progress every now and then. Everything will become easy if you will not use the word "later", you will have a lighter life if you will just do it now and never stop until you're finished.

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