March 23, 2017


Where is your energy running? where is it focused? where are you placing your energy? You must know the consumption of your energy very well so that you can live a better and easier life.

Are you using your energy for always looking for results instead of taking actions to produce results? If you are always looking for results then you are just wasting your energy, you think that constantly checking every now and then is a sign of a serious goal getter huh? If you will sum up the time and energy you wasted for checking the results, you will see that you've wasted a lot of time and those time could have been use to create a little progress in your life.

Are you using your energy dealing with haters and critics instead of just focusing on your work? Giving your haters a lot of attention will just drain your energy, you will become weak, you will feel bad. You will never win over them because they have nothing to lose, you are the one who has a lot to lose because you are doing well in life and you have a vision. Those haters were already losers so never waste an ounce of energy dealing with them.

Are you using your money energy for buying useless foods, things etc. that will only make you broke instead of using it for business or investments? You must know very well where to place your money so you will have a very strong financial freedom in the future.

You have a lot of energy, you just don't know where to use it. Life is very simple, place your energy to people and things that will give you more energy to live a prosperous life, as simple as that. Place your energy to activities and thoughts that will create a brighter future for you.

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