March 23, 2017


If you want to become more confident, you must know your default identity and use it. What are you? what are you doing? how do you feel? you must know your place and know all of your capabilities so that you will not be lost when you are in different situations that are not familiar to you.

You must simply use your knowledge, skills and all of your strength. Never caught up jelling with others and impressing them by following their style and interest. You must use what you really want and follow how you really feel. Know your roots, be aware of how you feel. If you are scared, it only means you are not being yourself, it means you are not using your identity.

So if you are going to a party and you want to wear black then wear it, don't be scared to wear it, if you want to wear simple clothes then wear it. Don't be afraid if people are wearing fancier clothes than you and you will look outcast. Your identity is where you are comfortable, use it so you will feel good and more confident. If you will try to force yourself to wear fancy clothes but you really didn't like it then you will not look great, you will look awkward because you don't feel good wearing it. How you feel is how you will look.

Even in conversations, if you will try to invent stories just to please the person you are talking to then you will look like a liar, you will be exposed in the end. If you don't know anything about the specific topic then don't say anything. It is better to be quietly honest than to be a loud liar. Even if your mouth runs dry... be ok with it because you have your own stories, you have your own knowledge and it doesn't matter if you can't use it for the moment.

Each people has his own strength but they can't use it because they don't know who they are. All they know is they have to follow the crowd to avoid being labelled as weak or weirdo. Keep in mind that if you will think about what people say then you are already throwing away your powers, you are submitting to them and you will not be able to run your own energy.

So simply know who you are, know your stories, know your skills, know your style, know your strengths and weakness and that's it. Never invent something that you didn't know, never try something that you don't like.

You can become really confident if you will use something where you are good at, you will become confident if you are not looking outside of yourself.

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