March 21, 2017


Keep flowing like a water means keep living, keep doing what you're doing. Never stop, never settle.

A water can break rocks, a water can flow forever, nothing can stop it.

If you think that nothing is happening to your life, if you are stuck in a moment and you can't get out of it... all you need to do is flow. Do something, keep moving and eventually you will go into some place that will give you happiness and success. Sometimes you don't need a direction, all you need is a vision. A vision of what you wanted to be and let things unfold naturally by working and working all day long.

Because if you will not flow, you will die in vain, you will not grow, your life will be wasted like everyone else. You should be on a constant movement, you should be flowing towards your goals.

If you have the mindset of just flowing then you will keep moving forward, you can destroy any obstacles in life, you will arrive at your desired destination. It's easy, just move, follow your gut and instincts, follow your heart. If you are flowing you will know a lot of things, if you are flowing you can experience a lot of things and explore a lot. Your knowledge will become unlimited, you will have a very deep understanding of yourself and the world that you are living in.

Flowing state will erase all of your problems, flowing state will give you all the solutions.

Your endurance will be enhanced, you will be like a journey man who keeps on coming and you will be ok with any stream of emotions that enters your system. You will become unbeatable, you will discover a hidden strength that is hiding inside of your body for a very long time. So keep flowing, keep moving.

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