March 23, 2017


Let's talk about taking care of things. A lot of people wants they properties or things to always look new, that is why they are broke, that is why they can't achieve financial freedom... they always buy new things even though they don't have money.

All new need is a small piece of rug, just wipe the dust off from your things and it will become new again. Wipe the dirt off from your shoes and it will look new again, wipe the dust from your cellphone and also the fingerprints and it will look new again.

You may laugh at this idea but in helps in some ways.

I am just wiping the dirt and dust of my car and it looks new again, a lot of people wants to buy new cars once the color of their cars faded. They will put themselves in a bad financial position just to look flashy and rich but deep inside they really feel broke.

It is not about depriving yourself from buying new things and thinking like crazy by using rug to feel good. It is true... the more you take care of your things... the more it will last longer and look newer. It is not the rug that makes it new, it is the wiping of your rug... your effort and care for your things that makes it new. Your appreciation for your things, your love and work to maintain it that makes it new. Make everything you touch turns into gold by taking care of it and appreciating it. It is true that things have life. The more you take care of your things, the more it will last longer and look nicer. It is also like a plant that needs to be watered. Love your things and it will love you back, it will last longer, it will look newer and you will feel good about it.

The more you wipe your shoes, the more you feel good about it even if it is old. And the good thing is people will notice it, people will notice that your shoes are not getting uglier rather it is getting nicer the more it gets old. It is your love that will make your properties more valuable.

I've seen an old model of a car passing on the highway.. I think that car is almost 30 years old but it still look awesome, the paint is not fading, the mugs and wheels are properly cleaned and the whole car is shiny. You can say that the owner really loves that car and he is doing everything to maintain it.

So just a simple rug and a little amount of love will make your properties look new. Just take care of it never replace it if it is still working.

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