March 28, 2017


If you are planning to become a lawyer, a successful businessman, a CEO or something... the only way to achieve it is see how far can you go. Don't think about getting it, just test yourself and make yourself very near as possible from your dreams.

Study more, take actions more and progress everyday. Always make yourself one step closer to your dreams. Forget about your present situation, just see how far can you go and how much numbers you can produce.

It doesn't matter how far or near can you go, what matters is you take actions and see how good and successful you can be.

Because you only have one life and the best way to live it is to see what is possible in your life, how much success can you accumulate, how big of an inspiration you can be to the world.

If you're a failure now, rise up and look for what is possible. Test some process, create your own timing, create your own wealth. Try to reach the highest level that you can achieve.

The greatest regret that you can ever have is you know that somehow you can become successful if you only try but you didn't, instead you just let the time pass by without even reaching your prime.

If you will not think about success and just focus on seeing how far can you go then you will feel less pressure on your shoulders. You will not care about failing, you will not care if you are always losing, you are simply focused on taking it one step at a time and trying every possibility that you can try. It's like a win-win situation for you, every time you try... you feel like you are getting better and better.

If you're just a kiss-ass clerk right now and all you do is do some tasks that you don't even love... why not try applying for a managerial position? why not work so hard and give yourself a chance of being promoted to a higher position? Remember, you are just testing yourself how far can you go, you don't care about being rejected or being humiliated by other people.

If you are just earning 20 bucks a day, why not give yourself a chance to earn 100 bucks a day? do everything in your power to level up. It is not about always winning and getting what you want, it is about doing everything you can to get what you want.

Just give yourself a chance and that's it. Don't be apologetic if some people thinks that you are trying so hard and you are dreaming so big. What they think doesn't matter, the important thing is you are doing everything you possibly can to see how big you can be.

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