March 03, 2017


It is true that you have to be disciplined, it is true that you have to work hard and be nice. But sometimes you will still succeed if you can just find the right flow for you. Meaning, you can become good at something without being good at everything. You don't necessarily have to have the right attitude, you don't need to be a role model-like person. You just need to find the right flow and use what works for you.

If being nice and, working hard and following what your parents told you is what works for you so use it and be happy about it. Don't change anything for as long as it is working and giving you a good life. If you are really happy about it and your heart is not against it then just keep that flow forever because you already found what is the best for you.

If doing it your way and simply working hard for the things that you love is what makes you succeed and happy then continue doing it until you reach the top of the mountain. You don't need to follow what people say, you don't need to copy what most successful people do, just follow your heart because it is giving you  the right flow. If doing your own thing keeps you shining then it is the right thing.

Just know what is giving you the right flow that you need in life. Any method, timing or  technique can work for you. You can set up your own flow and find the best habits, people and work that will work for you.

It is easy, just do what makes you feel good and gives you very good balance in life. Avoid activities or situations that will drain you in the long run. Life is about flow, rhythm and harmony. Your happiness will be your guidance, just do what makes you happy and you're on the right flow.

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