March 25, 2017


If you have a small momentum going on, let's say your business is earning a little bit... even if it is not what you are expecting because you are expecting huge profits... keep the momentum going, it is already a momentum and it is already a path to bigger success.

People were easily get discouraged if they can't get what they are expecting. They will stop even if there is a little bit of progress going on, they will look for bigger things and they want to get it fast. But sometimes success cannot be attained instantly, sometimes you can only get it gradually or little by little.

If you are seeing a little success in your life, if you think that you are moving forward a little bit then you should keep that momentum alive, never kill it nor stop it. Because you're already there, you just need to find some little pieces that will make your momentum faster and stronger. You just need to experiment a little bit and try some other things or process that will hasten your progress.

Something will happen if you keep the momentum going, something big will arrive, the big break that you are waiting for will come into your house, you just need to be patient and keep the momentum alive for as long as you can keep it.

If you are looking for a job and you can't find it... just keep looking because looking for a job itself is already a momentum, you're already moving. Never lose hope because doing that will only kill the momentum, momentum will stay alive and stronger if you have strong belief in yourself. Never stop passing your resumes to different companies and one day you will get a phone call, a company will hire you and that is guaranteed.

People can't get what they want because they are always killing their own momentum. They will put a very small effort today and will complain tomorrow if the can't see any results. Things doesn't work that way, you have to keep your hopes alive and keep moving even if the results weren't showing. Because it is the only way to stay on the right track, it is the only way to invite the opportunities in your life.

Put your mind in a state of motion, it should always be moving and moving in a positive way, it should always look for the things that will make you feel better. Your mind should only see the things that will give you advantage and little hopes that will attract results.

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