March 26, 2017


Set some numbers and strictly follow it everyday, follow it and wait and see what those numbers can give you. It is one way to simplify the process and reach your goals faster than ever.

If you want to get promoted by your boss... simply increase your production, set a quota for yourself and then reach it everyday, reach it no matter what. Do it for a few months or even a year, do it and wait for the results.

If you want to save more money, then just save a couple of bucks everyday, be specific, choose a number. A number that you can follow, be strict to yourself and never buy anything unless you saved the set quota that you set for yourself. Follow it for a year or more and see how you've transformed your financial status.

If you want to be strong just set a number of pushups that you can do everyday, it can be 20 or 50 or 100. Whatever you feel like you can do, set it and follow it. Never miss a day. Once you are comfortable with doing 20 and it is very easy for you... you can jump on to a higher number and do it again everyday. Never miss, never make an excuse that you are sick, tired or something. Do it for years and see how strong you can be.

If you want to be good in school and make your grades alive. Just set a number of hours that you are going to study everyday, it can be  2 or 3 or even 8 hours. Whatever number you set, make sure that you are going to follow it even if your brain is already bleeding, follow those numbers and see the dramatic improvement that you will be able to achieve. You will become smarter, your parents will become happier for sure.

It is just a matter of disciplining yourself and following the numbers that you set for yourself. Take it seriously and watch a big transformation in your life.

If you will become very consistent then you will build a habit that will make your life better. You will will be able to change your life slowly and surely.

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