March 03, 2017


Just be happy trying, just be happy taking chances and giving yourself a chance to get what you want. Because this kind of mentality is the only thing that will keep you going. This kind of mentality will give you excitement and enough motivation to succeed. If your life is all about taking chances and making winning as just your second priority then you will be on a different level, you will be able to explore things that hasn't been explored. You will experience a lot of emotions and series of events.

Always give yourself a chance, always try and never get tired of trying.

Give yourself a chance of getting a bigger salary, give yourself a chance of succeeding, give yourself a chance of marrying the person that you really want.

Because at the end of the day, when everything has been said and done... people who take chances are happier than those who didn't. They will have no regrets, they will know their true capabilities and potentials.

If you are simply happy taking chances then you already feel like a winner. Because taking chances is already difficult, some people are even so frightened to at least give it a try. Some people are terrified to throw themselves out there and just at least try to be lucky. Make taking chances as your mentality and you will attract different levels of success in life.

Taking chances is fun, really really fun. You will know yourself more, you will not be afraid of dealing with different types of people. You will not be afraid to ask, you will be surprised at how easy life is, you will be shocked because you didn't know before that you can have more by simply asking and taking risks.

Taking chances will make you a very tough person, it will mold you into a warrior. The key to master it is to stop being serious and play with it. Lower your expectations and be ok not winning all the time.

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