March 14, 2017


If you're not thriving now and yet you keep doing your best.. don't worry, keep believing and doing your best because your time will come. There is a time designated for you, it may not be now but it will come and it will only come if you keep improving everyday and do what you are suppose to do.

There are some people who thrive early, they become popular, rich, a little successful and it seems like their reign is going to last forever but where are they now... they decline and they never reach their maximum potential. They celebrate early, they thought that their power will last but in the end they become ordinary human being with nothing special at all.

So if you can't find success now even though you are working very hard... it means you're a late bloomer, you will bloom in the end. You are the one who will catch a lot of attention, the last laugh will be at your side. And again, you will only bloom if you keep on working hard and your focus is on becoming better than yesterday, you will not bloom if most of you actions is about negativity and laziness.

I have a classmate in high school, he was liked by many, he is rich, it seems like he have everything in life. People love him, he is popular and he have all the nicest things that everyone wants to have. But look at him now, he is just an ordinary man, he becomes fat because he is too lazy taking care of himself. He thought that his good attributes will remain forever even. His laziness makes him look like a bum.

I also have another classmate who is not popular before because because he is not rich, he doesn't even have good looks but he is thriving now. He works so hard, he take care of himself and he made himself very rich. People were stunned about his transformation, they never thought that he will become great one day. He is one of the late bloomers that blooms very good. A lot of people wants to be with him, they admire him and kiss his ass.

So don't lose hope if you suck right now, it is not the end of the world. Just keep working hard because one day you will be the one who will hold the power.

You can become a later bloomer, just keep getting better everyday and amaze people with the unbelievable transformation that you achieved.

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