March 25, 2017


Sometimes you will wonder why you keep failing and failing even if you are working hard. You keep on experiencing heartbreaks even if you already paid your dues. It only means the universe is just testing you, it only means it is not your time yet.

You can prepare a lot, practice a lot, prepare all the necessary requirements but still fail in the end. But don't worry because it only means it is not yet your time, there is a designated time for you and it will come anytime so you better be ready. So just keep preparing, keep working hard because opportunity may knock at your door anytime, you maybe surprised how big it is and you will even doubt yourself if you can handle it.

The trick in life is to work hard but don't take things seriously, don't feel bad if you are always failing. It is only part of the process. Don't stop because if you will stop then opportunities will not be attracted to you, as simple as that. You have to keep improving while waiting for your time because if your time comes and you're not ready... it will not be yours, you will let it slip again from your hands.

Your time will come and that is for sure. And it will only come if you have high hopes and consistently doing positive actions. Your improvement should never stop, even if you feel like you're not improving... just do your thing then. Doing it everyday is already improving so never worry if you are making progress or not.

Everybody has his own time, it is not your time yet but who knows? it can be tomorrow, next week or next month. Just stay patient and try to make the love for what you are doing get stronger everyday. Always stay motivated, hungry and be willing to do whatever it takes to win.

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