March 27, 2017


You can only have it by doing it so forget about having it instead just focus on doing it. It is the action that will bring you to your destination so move now and never look back.

Having it will not give you happiness, doing it is the only thing that will make you feel successful, A lot of people have this and have that but are not happy because they don't get it by doing it, they just get it by asking and begging from other people. That is why a lot of rich kids still feel broke inside, they didn't feel the struggle, they didn't feel the pain so there is no sense of accomplishment on their part. They cannot feel successful because they were too soft and they didn't see the way of becoming successful.

So don't think about having it right away, don't feel bad if you can't have it. What matters is you are doing the process to get it. Because at one point in your life you will get it. Just be patient for the moment and do whatever it takes to get it.

Just do it, just do any step that you think will make you have it. Forget about being perfect, forget about being flawless, just do it even if you feel that somehow you are making mistakes. Taking actions with little mistakes is much better than not taking actions at all.

Some people wants to have it but are so afraid of doing it. All they do is dream, wish and ask. They say ask and it will be given but if all you do is ask and not take actions then it will not be given to you. Ask but at the same time take actions and not just actions... solid and massive action.

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