March 20, 2017


A lot of people can't accept that being successful requires a lot of time, effort and number of failures to achieve. They thought that a single step and little effort will make them successful, they were blinded by that idea that is why up to now they can't figure out how to become successful.

You can work hard, you can work all month long or all year long but still success is not guaranteed. For sure you will become successful if you keep doing your thing and never stop. But when success will come? I don't know, nobody knows. All you need to do is be consistent so that success will come into your house one day.

It is easier to fall than to rise because you can work all year and hope to become successful but just miss one day and for sure you will become a failure. Just like in dieting and cutting your weight, you can have a strict diet for months and still the cut weight is brutal, you are cutting your weight very slow but skip dieting for just one or two days and eat junk foods.... then your weight will go up again, you will become heavy again, just like that.

It takes a lot of fights to become a champion, sometimes it even takes forever to become one but just lose one fight and you're not a champion anymore. It is like a bubble that has been pricked.

It is what it is, you can't complain about it. You need to bring it on any given day, you need to be consistent because success is not a finish product, it is a commitment. If you want to become successful forever and stay on top... then you should work forever. The moment you stop doing what you're doing or take a long rest... it is all gone, everything you have will be gone, everything you work for will vanish. It is like climbing to the top of the mountain and the mud from the top is sliding down that makes your journey even harder.

It is very easy to fall, just rest for one week or one month doing nothing then you will already lose your momentum, you're on your way down to the bottom. It is very hard to stop your falter because going down is much fun than going to the top. You will just stop being disciplined, just drink all day, eat the wrong foods and stop doing the process then you're already a failure. Very easy, you don't even need to think about it.

So if you want to rise, if you want to become successful... accept that it is going to be hard and there will be a lot of set backs that you will experience. If you find yourself not getting stressed a little bit then it only means you are on your way to the bottom, it means you are going down. Having a very convenient life means you are setting yourself up to failure.

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