March 05, 2017


It is easier to blame others for your failure, it is easier to point fingers to someone who doesn't even have any connection to your failure. It is what most people do, it is what most failures do. Did you ever see a winner who blame somebody? did you ever see a loser who is not making any excuses?

You can blame your parents, friends or any people around you and tell them that they give you weak support that is why you fail. But does that mentality going to help you? will that kind of approach going to make your situation better? It will only make your situation worse, your mind will become corrupted, all you will see is negativity and weakness.

It is easy to blame someone because you will feel that it will excuse you from looking like a failure, your ego won't be hurt. You will feel stronger because you are not taking the blame, you will feel that you are right but the only question is... did you succeed by blaming someone? did you become a better person by pointing fingers to someone who is innocent?

Blaming someone will not improve your situation, you will be stuck in that rut because you don't want to improve, you keep on proving yourself even if it is clear that you fail because of your own arrogance. You fail because you are lazy, you are scared and you didn't give your best. As simple as that. There is no one else to blame but you.

If you will take the blame and not complain about what happened anymore then you are open for a change, you are open to take the necessary steps and make yourself better so next time you will surely win. Take the blame so you can move on and make adjustments in your life. Just be humble and admit that it is your own mistakes, people will even praise you for being honest and having the courage to take full responsibility of your failure.

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