March 28, 2017


Making a mistake is much better than just sitting around, criticizing people and dreaming about what you could have done.

Be proud if you are moving and taking actions because some people were so afraid of making a mistake that is why they can't even move at all. All they do is criticize, pull people down and pretend that they are good. They can't even make any single progress, they are just pretending that they know a lot but the truth is they were so scared because they don't even know what to do.

I don't know what is it about mistakes that a lot of people were so afraid of. Mistakes cannot kill you, it cannot even hurt you. All it can do is make you stronger and smarter. It will show you the right way to do things. Making mistakes is like digging for an answer.

If you are so afraid of making a mistake then you will not progress at all. Aiming to become perfect will make you weak, conservative and unable to move.

The people who never made a mistake hasn't accomplished anything at all. Yes, maybe they were not hurt, embarrassed or rejected but deep inside they were not happy because they want to try something but they cannot try.

Making a mistake is the start of success. The more you make mistakes, the more you learn and become a better person. People doesn't want to become better that is why they are so afraid of making a mistake, they want to remain the same.

If you find yourself not wanting to make a mistake then it simply means you are not progressing. It means you are just sitting on your couch planning all day long what to do with your life. You think you are perfect because you're not failing? no, you're not. Not failing means you're not moving.

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