March 05, 2017


Your source of happiness is very near... it is inside of you. You don't need to look very far, you don't need to look for someone else to make you happy. You can amuse yourself and find happiness for yourself. It is better if you will not look for happiness and let it come naturally because happiness is not to be forced, it is allowing it to happen.

You don't need cars, houses, lover or money to become happy. Because happiness cannot be seen, it is to be felt. You don't need materialistic things and appreciation from other people to be happy. Just be satisfied of what you have and keep getting better everyday... that is already happiness.

People are defining happiness as something that is hard to get. They think that if they have millions then they can be happy, they think that if they have three cars then they can be happy. But once they get those things, they will find out that they are still sad. It is because they let things and people dictate their happiness, they were too dependent from material things to become happy. They are looking at the outside and not on the inside.

Just think of happy thoughts and you were already happy. Just think about the past events with your family and you were already happy. Feelings can be create, emotions can be summoned. You can also be sad if you are happy once you think about tragic events in the past. You can control your emotions, you can become happy everyday if you can get the technique on how to manage your emotions.

Just appreciate your life and you're already happy. Some people who are doing worse than you are happier than you so you should have no excuses when it comes to being happy. Don't look for happiness if you want to become happy, let it come naturally. Don't attached it with different things and people, you don't need to look at the outside. Happiness is always near, it is never hard to get.

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