March 30, 2017


Become soft and your life will be soft, you will become a failure, you will become fragile and unable to attract success in life.

This is the time to push yourself if you are not getting the results you are expecting in life, this is the time to do something different because if you will not force yourself to take actions then you will remain the same bum forever.

It's time to kill laziness, it's time to dump procrastination because a lot of time is passing by, a lot of time were being wasted and those time could have been use to create success and wealth in life.

Admit that you're lazy, admit that you're a bum and have the commitment to change your life. Change now, move your hands and feet now, if you will not do it now then you will not do it forever.

Sometimes you have to be hard on yourself, you have to cuss yourself so that you will be pumped up and start moving.

Never mind feeling good, forget comfort and start turning things around. It's never too late to change, you can change now, all you need to do is take it one step at a time, forget about making progress, just focus on taking actions and little by little you will get there, you will make improvement.

How many times you told yourself that you are going to change but you fail? how many times you told yourself that you are going to do something but you didn't do anything?

The reason for your failure and stagnancy is because you're too soft on yourself, you're allowing yourself to produce mediocre results, you are allowing yourself to fail. You are not pushing yourself beyond your boundaries. It is time to make a stand and face the pain, face the pain of change, face the pain of transformation.

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