March 30, 2017


The reason why you can't grow is because you always think about the past, you always bring the past to your present. Don't you know that your past is slowing you down? the more you think about your past, the more you waste time. You are not letting the more productive thoughts enter your brain because your brain is fully occupied by your past.

Let go of the past so you can move on and enter a new chapter in your life. A lot of people were trapped in their past, they're living in their past that is why they cannot see the beauty of present. They don't let better opportunities enter their life because all they think about is their past, they don't want to do anything with their present.

You will never grow if you will not eliminate the past, the only way to grow is to appreciate the present moment and prepare for the future. What is done is done, you cannot change anything from your past and even if you can change it do you think you can live a better life now? Of course not, there will still be problems waiting for you even if you change your past. The only way to live a better life is to embrace what is happening now and make the best out of it.

You think about the past wealth that you use to have before that is why you don't want to look for a job, you thought that those riches will come back. You are broke now, you don't have money now, you need to move on and accept the reality.

You think about your past partner that leaves you, you think that she will come back. How will she come back if she told you that she didn't love you anymore? You need to end your hallucination, she will never come back so it is better to look for a new partner now.

Eliminate the past because you can never turn back time. All you can do is appreciate the moment and try to live a new life by welcoming new opportunities in life.

There  are more better things that are bound to happen if you will only accept the reality and face the present moment without any regrets from the past.

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