March 23, 2017


A lot of people wants to move but they can't move. They want to do something but they can't do something. They always talk about hardwork but they can't put in the work. The truth about this is because they haven't work in their lives, maybe they work in some company for 9-10 hours a day but that is not real work, it is a forced work and they just do it to earn some money.

You have to work for yourself and not for other people. You need to find what you really love and fall in love with it deeply to the point where doing something for it is your default.

If you simply love moving especially if your movement has something to do with your dreams then you will get something and that is guaranteed. Always keep in mind that all efforts will be rewarded, there is no way you can't get something if you work super hard.

Just fall in love with moving, just fall in love with doing something for your dreams and you're already successful. You don't need to think about money anymore, you don't need to worry about your expenses because just like I said, you will get something if you are moving. If you are taking actions then you will also be taken care of. Where will it come from? there is no specific source but for sure all of your needs will be provided, and that is if you keep working.

Some people wants to have a guaranteed money before they work that is why they can't have work, they don't want to move if they are not sure of getting something. This is a bad approach because it will only make you lazy and undisciplined.

So if you want to remove worries in life, if you want to be sure that you will get something... just move, take positive and meaningful actions.

Yes it is hard to move and continue taking actions if you can't see results but it is harder to just sit around and do nothing for your life.

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