March 01, 2017


Forgetting past is really difficult especially if what happened is really painful and has cause you a lot of heartache. Things such as losing, failing, ending a relationship, suffering a sever injury etc.

Moving on is very hard especially if the pain is still there and the memory enters automatically to your brain. You will remember all the details of that tragic past. You will even cry without knowing that your tears were already falling. Sometimes it looks very impossible to erase that bad memory. Everytime you remember it, you will feel bad and your day is destroyed, you will feel sick and very sad again.

What can you do if you can't erase that bad memory from the past anymore? The answer is very simple... change your perspective on it. That memory is hurting you because you think that it happens to hurt you and you are so unfortunate because there are millions of people in the world but you are the one who gets to experience it. Put a positive perspective on that experience, if your boyfriend leaves you for no reason and you are still in pain right now because you are wondering what is wrong with you... think that there is a better person waiting for you that is why your relationship with him ended. Think that he doesn't deserve you and it is his lost not yours.

If you were badly injured from the past and that memory is still haunting you everytime you play... Just think of that event as another way to make you stronger, it will not happen again because you already survived it and your body becomes stronger from it. Think of it as tool to make you mentally stronger than before. You already suffered the pain from recovery so you are mentally stronger now and those flashbacks of injury is just coming back again to remind yourself how strong you are and you can conquer any adversity.

Don't let thoughts play you or control you, it is only a thought and you can play with it too.  If a bad thought keeps running on your brain for days... give it a different meaning, think of it as something positive so you will never feel bad about it again.

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