March 04, 2017


You have to kill the thoughts that are making your life harder than it should be. That is the secret in having an easier and more enjoyable life. You must be aware of all the thoughts that are entering your mind and immediately get rid of the thoughts that are useless and making you weak.

For example, if you are running a marathon and you're in the middle of your run. There will be thoughts that will tell you to give up because you're too tired, there will be thoughts that will tell you that it is ok to give up. And of course you will entertain them and might follow them. If you can kill the thought that is telling you to give up then you will keep going and continue your run until you are finished. It is your thoughts that are making you quit and not the tiredness of your body. Thoughts are powerful, it can manipulate you, it can make you think that you are weak even if you are not. It can also make you strong even if you're just an average joe trying to look cute.

If you have a problem and you can't solve it for a moment, you are really thinking that you can't solve it because you are having a hard time so much. But always remember that no problem was not solved. All problems can be solved no matter how difficult it is. Just simply kill the thought that it can't be solved and replace it with "it is already solved". How are you gonna solve it? kill that "how" word too. Just simply do it and have fun. If you can just push a little bit and a little bit without worrying and being scared then for sure you can accomplish or solve anything.

Be sensitive on what thoughts you are entertaining. If it is a thought that will make you feel bad... kill it right away, gun it, stab it, burn it. Just use the thoughts that are making you powerful and confident, that is how to deal with problems in life.

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