March 21, 2017


People can say everything they want so don't get mad at them. If you're dreaming about something, if it is something big that is unrealistic... they will laugh at you and will put you down. Even your friends will not support you, even your family will demotivate you. It is what it is, you cannot convince them until you become successful.

It is not your duty to listen to them, argue with them and convince them that you are going to succeed. It is your job to simply take actions, make a little progress every now and then and become successful one day. It is your job to prove that your dream is possible and can be done. So just focus on taking actions and making improvement one day at a time.

Because if you will listen to those bums, if you will listen to those haters then you will never achieve your dreams. You will feel bad and that will keep you from taking actions. If you listen to them, you will doubt yourself, you will feel sorry for yourself for dreaming so big. Your belief will become weak, you will start to believe what they say and follow their orders, and by doing that... you will begin to lose power and will to carry on.

They can say that it is impossible because they can't even dream big or maybe they can dream but they can't even take actions, they were losers from the very beginning so never listen to them. If you can dream it you can achieve it, only if you take actions. So don't hold yourself back, taking actions is free, you can move anytime you want. You can create your own path and become successful one day.

Your job is to prove that it is possible, not to other people but only to yourself. Prove to yourself that you can do it, prove to yourself that you can climb the top of the mountain.

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