March 01, 2017


Just keep doing what you are doing, if you feel that it is right, if you feel like you are progressing because of it... just keep doing it. It's none of your business to know how they think or feel. All you need to do is focus on your actions and do what is best for you life. Because at the end of the day, when it is all said and done... it is your feelings that matters and not how they feel.

Some people will stop you or become a hindrance once you are succeeding. I don't know what is their purpose for doing it but you have to have a laser focus on taking actions. Do what is needed, follow your gut and instincts. Always push forward no matter how hard they try to stop you.

Show them your power, show them that you are unstoppable and you can achieve great things. If they are affected by what you are doing... it is their own dilemma and not yours, it is their problem if they can't stop you.

So stop thinking about what they are thinking and keep doing what you are doing, Have no conscience in taking actions. Ignite the fire in you and show them your desire. Make them feel that you're indestructible and you will push further no matter what.

You are entitled to do what your heart feels, no one can stop you unless you allow them. It is only you that can stop yourself and nobody else.

If you think you're wrong then stop but if not... never stop until you succeed. Never stop grinding until you get all of your dreams and ambitions in life.

They can mock you, they can laugh at you, they can do bad things to you but they can never stop you. They were completely hopeless and all they can do is watch while you keep going up.

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