March 14, 2017


Don't think too much of how are you going to solve your problems, don't think about solving your problems fast or achieving your goals fast. If there is one thing you can do to be closer to it then do it. Even if it is just a small step or you feel like it will not do anything... still do it. Because it will create momentum, it will create motivation, it will create habits that will make you successful one day.

Don't be afraid that your efforts will be wasted, don't be afraid that you will not progress because the truth is you're already progressing, if you're doing something then it means you are growing and progressing. You may not see success yet but your personality has evolved already. So execute that step that you think will work and never look back. Even if something went wrong... you will never feel any regrets because you knew you give your best.

People can't progress because they are belittling the smallest step that they can do, they thought that it will never work from the very beginning. But sometimes the most basic and simplest step is the one that works the best. So if there is an idea that pops out from your brain and that is a positive idea... do it right away, no more thinking, no more asking for permission from others... just do it and do it and do it until the job gets done.

Momentum doesn't care if what you're doing is 100 percent right. For as long as you're doing something... you already have a momentum and something will happen for you, a problem will be solved, you will create small or big results.

What are you waiting for? execute your idea now, don't be scared, just let it fly.

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