March 09, 2017


First, you must think and study if you really need to cure your phobia. Think if facing it will make your life better. If your phobia is just about heights or spiders and you don't need to conquer it because you are not facing it everyday then just let it go. Forget about it. If your phobia is not affecting your work, relationship or your private life then just let it go, stop thinking about it because it is not a big deal.

But if your phobia is related to your daily life and it is a must to face it then you need to cure it. Phobias such as fear in public speaking but you're an emcee, fear in heights but you're a pilot, fear in water but you're a seaman, fear in hardwork but you're an athlete, fear in talking to people but you're a salesman... You need to face your phobia because you will never become successful if you don't face it.

It is very simple... just face it. Stop making dramas, stop trolling around, stop making a lot of ceremonies. Just face it and you will see that it's not that bad. Always remember that you are not going to die if you face it. Be prepared to look bad once you decided to face it because you will really look like a coward chicken. Your palms and armpits will sweat a lot, your face will look funny but all of those things are included in facing your phobia. Don't be scared to embarrass yourself because it is just temporary. Once you face it and you overcome it then congratulations... you're already a new person.

It is more fun to live if you will face your fears because there is a big reward waiting for you for doing that. Phobias are just small fear that becomes big because you think about it a lot and you make it a big deal. If it can't kill you, make you ill or make you poor then there is nothing to worry about.


1. You don't need to get of rid right away, sometimes by doing it... things get worse. You have to set a specific time and date when to face it and never postpone. Prepare yourself and make a thought patterns that you will use the moment you are facing it.

2. Practice breathing. Always breathe, breathing will make you feel that you are alright, breathing will make a room for your mind because all the spaces of it were already occupied by fear. Breathing will make you think clearly. It will make you calm and relaxed.

3. Always remember that you're not gonna die, it is not a big deal and it is ok to look like a fool while facing it. People don't care, people don't know you and everything is irrelevant, what matters is how you feel and you need to take care of it. Think how you can become happier and confident if you face your phobia.

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