March 13, 2017


Just simply love life and that 's it. Just simply learn to love every second and every moment of your life. Even if you're struggling and stuck in adversity... love it. Just love the process, love the movement and you'll never have to worry again. Love can be learned, emotions can be controlled so never think that loving every second is impossible.

Yeah, you can be mad sometimes but you can shift your emotions anytime you want to. Just simply love your job, love your work, love every happenings around you. Love random events, love being disturbed by somebody, love the slowness of your progress, love the elusiveness of your dreams. It is like playing and simply doing your best and that's it.

You should not complicate happiness. Being alive is the biggest reason to be happy so if you are still alive... it means you don't have any right to curse your life and feel like the world is punishing you. Stop making dramas because it will only make your situation worse.

It is very easy to become happy, just enjoy every second that you can still move and think and that's it. Appreciate that you can still feel and participate in any kinds of events in this world if you wish to. You can do anything you want, you can try as much as you can and that is a very big reason to be thankful for your life.

You can't become happy because you're too picky and you have high standards. You thought that happiness comes from money, vacation, super fancy things etc. Happiness is just simply living your journey and being fully committed to the moment. Never rush because that is a big destroyer of your happiness, you will miss a lot of things if you rush, you will forget that you are alive if you rush. Just enjoy every second and feel all the emotions that you are feeling. Identify if it is negative or positive, if it is positive then just let the momentum get bigger, if it is negative then just let it go because it will be gone in a while.

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