March 03, 2017


This is his last opportunity. A serious contender thinks that there are no more second chances, there is no more tomorrow. He will leave it all out on the line.  And he will make sure that he will impose his will. He thinks that this opportunity is golden and it is once in a life time so he better take care of the business very well and give everything he got.

Losing never run across his mind. All he think about is winning, no loser thoughts or negative thoughts are running on his brain. He is mentally tough and his expectations were too high. He is so determined to win and he has a laser focus of bringing home the bacon.

This is his time. This is his time to shine. He knew that he don't have to wait for next month or next year anymore. He knew that it is his time and all he need to do is execute what he prepared.

He is prepared. His mind is prepared, his body is prepared. Everything is prepared. He can't wait to win, he is so excited about performing and owning the moment.

He is not afraid to lose. He is so loose because he is not afraid to lose, he can express his feelings naturally and use his skills to the fullest. He is not afraid of losing that is why he is so free and he can do anything he wants.

He thinks that he win already. Before even competing... he already knew that he won. It's not arrogance but rather it is confidence. He believes in himself so much because his heavy preparation has molded his mind to believe that there is no impossible and he can conquer all the obstacles on the way.

He loves the big stage. He can own the stage, he can run the night. He feels like he is the referee and the judge, he is dictating the tempo. He owns the stage and he can even hypnotize all the people surrounding him. He is such a big influence and an energy that can make people follow him.

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