March 11, 2017


Don't get mad if you have a lot of haters, don't get affected if people were bashing you, pulling you down, stabbing you at your back and making you look bad.

If you are really bad then why are they still interested at your story, if you're not good enough then why are they still taking about you. If you really don't matter then they should not talk about you and criticize you. It only means you are good, they were hating you but they are always following you everyday.

They just don't admit that they are interested at you, they just can't admit that they are your secret fans. They know everything about you... they know when is your birthday, what are you doing, your hobbies, interests, even your ugly past... they know everything about it. Yet they will still refuse to admit that they like you so much, if it is true then why they spend most of their time guarding what is happening to your life?

So be happy if you have a lot of haters, it means you also have a lot of followers. Don't deal with them, don't think about them because all they can do is talk about you. You're so above them because you're not even doing anything bad to them but you still caught their attention. Have pity on them because they were giving you so much time, they were not giving time for themselves.

If your intention is to simply succeed and you're not doing any negative yet you still have a lot of haters, it only means your value is getting higher and higher. So keep doing what you're doing and never listen to them. Those haters' aim is to make you feel bad and distract you from succeeding, you have to keep your focus and never lose your composure, always remember your goal and never let anyone stop you.