March 02, 2017


Greatness is not about being great, it is about pushing yourself to the limits and reaching for greatness every now and then. There is no such thing as greatness, it is not a finish product. It is a constant everyday work making yourself better and reaching for that "greatness" thing that you will never reach. It is like looking for a ghost that you can't see but you still believe that it do exist.

Greatness cannot be achieved because it has no boundaries. All you can do is pursue it and of course just simply enjoy the process and enjoy the journey. Don't ever think that you're already great because the moment you put that idea into your head... it is over for you. You will not work hard anymore, you will not push yourself anymore. It's ok to be confident but you should always have something to aim for, you should always strive to reach another level because that is what greatness is all about. It is not about feeling great or being great, it is all about pushing yourself to become great everyday.

It is a big word. Everyone has his own definition of greatness, everyone wants to become great but not all are willing to put the effort to become one. They think that it's all talk and a little effort here and there. They think that it's just a play. Greatness is something you should take seriously if you really want to be aligned with it. A lot of sacrifices should be made, you can't be thinking about fast results if you want greatness because it is not about looking at the finish line, it is about staying with the process and daily grind. It is a forever commitment, you can taste it but you can't have it permanently. In other words, if you can't push yourself anymore then you already stop being great.

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