March 04, 2017


If you want to have good results then you should look for the good feelings. A feeling that will make you happier and more fulfilled. A feeling that will give you peace and belief that it will work. Instincts and guts are always right, it can go wrong sometimes but it is always right.

If you feel confident about something then it will work for you. Because you will do it for a long time. If the process gives you good feelings then it will give you the output that you are expecting.

If you find yourself feeling bad about doing something then you may not like the result. Because love can be seen in anything. If there is no labor of love then the labor will look ugly. So you have to find ways how to feel good if you are doing something, you have to enjoy it and stay with it for a long time if needed. You can find good feelings if you are appreciative in your movement and simply being thankful that you can produce something. You can't curse what you are doing because you will not like the outcome once you are done.

This rule applies to anything. For example, you are doing an exercise drill that you don't like at all... it will not give you the best results because you are not giving your best while doing it. If a drill looks so hard, if you are having a hard time doing it then for sure it will not work. But that doesn't mean that you only have to choose the easy drills, keep in mind that not all easy drills are fun, some are very easy and boring which leads to no good feelings at all. Some drills are hard but you want to do it because you love it, that drills will give you awesome results.

Hard things becomes easy if you feel good about it. Easy things becomes hard if you don't feel it and you are not attracted to it. So always look for the good feelings if you want unbelievable results.

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